The Malta Rabbit Club – Since 1963  is located at The Petting Farm in Ta’ Qali.


The Petting Farm is a government-owned family park which was officially opened in December 2012. 


The club was assigned the role to design and plan the rabbit zoo by the late Mr Joe Gauci Miastre. Following that, The Malta Rabbit Club – Since 1963, was assigned the administration of the rabbit zoo, and throughout the years, the club invested time and money in expansions and modifications, to offer a better environment for the rabbits, which pertain to the club.  In fact, the maintenance, upkeep and any medication needed for all the rabbits are the sole responsibility of the club. A different variety of breeds are available for all to enjoy. Following this, the place has been attracting more visitors especially families with children.


Another section is the “guva”, a big enclosed cage, specifically designed to hold and promote the Maltese rabbit, know as Tax-xiber. This species originated from the wild, and we are now into the 8th generation of this breed in the guva. 


The Rabbit Herb Garden is an area which also falls under the responsibility of the club. Lately the herb garden, with the help of one of its active volunteers, was given an uplift and is being taken care of by the same volunteer . The Malta Rabbit Club beliefs that rabbits respond to natural remedies, like herbs, when curing certain ailments.


Entry to the Petting Farm is free and entry to the rabbit petting section is within the club’s control, so people visiting can go in when volunteers are there. The petting farm is maintained by the petting farm staff and under 24 hour security too.

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