Here you can find all the bookable services of the Club.

General Disclaimer

Services are only available to members who are in possession of a valid membership. In case of expired memberships, services may only be affected upon renewal. Memberships may be renewed online.

In case of cancellations, such cancellations should be made at least 48 hours before via facebook messenger. 

Booking requests are confirmed upon receipt of email confirming the appointment.

The free grooming session is only available at the Petting Farm and not home grooming service.

In case of changes to personal details (e.g. address, contact number, email address), the club is to be informed immediately so that the database can be updated.

In cases where the rabbit is given for adoption, members are to notify the club so that the membership is cancelled. The new owner needs to apply for a separate membership.

Where the exact birth date of the rabbit is unknown, the date should be indicated as being the first day of the month (e.g. 01/06/2021)

All services provided are against a donation fee. 


The grooming service is not available for:

    • Pregnant rabbits
    • Sick rabbits
    • Rabbits less than 8 weeks old
    • Rabbits with expired VHD vaccine
    • Rabbits that have received the VHD vaccine 7-10 days before the requested grooming session
    • An additional donation may be incurred in cases where the grooming session requires additional time as opposed to a regular grooming session.
Grooming Appointment (Petting Farm Ta'Qali or Home Visit)

Service Appointment (Petting Farm Ta'Qali and Hands On Farming Xewkija)

Home Visit Services Appointment

Pet Sitting Appointment

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