The club has a number of planned and evolving projects.


  • Our main ongoing project is rabbit pet-assisted therapy. Various sessions are held in schools, old peoples’ homes, specialised centres and also hospitals. Pet assisted therapy consists of petting sessions with the most vulnerable, being children with autism, children with down syndrome, youths with social problems, couples undergoing IVF treatments, and also in retirement and geriatric homes, sessions which have turned out to also be, of good company to the residents.

  • End of the year 2019 The Malta Rabbit Club, was granted by the Animal Welfare Department, funds for the purchase of an animal ambulance, in our case for the rescue of rabbits. Since the cost to purchase such a vehicle was much more than the funds granted, in January 2020 the NGO asked for donations and pledges from its members. By May 2020 the amount needed was collected, the vehicle was purchased, was certified as an Ambulance up to standard, and could be driven on the road to serve its purpose!
  •  The NGO also offers the opportunity to students and pupils in colleges to join is 20 hours community work schemes, as part of their curriculum.

  •  As a club, we believe in natural remedies and can say that certain ailments in rabbits can be healed by using fresh herbs from our own Herb Garden at the Petting Farm, which is taken care of by one of our committee members.

  • One of our most innovative projects is the recycling of rabbits’ fur. Fur that is kept after rabbit grooming services, a service that is also offered by the NGO. The club has found both in Gozo and in Malta,  weavers and individuals who interknit this same fur and produce useful by-products and soft toys also known as the sleeping bunnies.

  • The club believes in education. To this effect, we have also joined forces with the Ministry of Education where, by means of a 3-year agreement, the NGO supports students in the Agribusiness Schools.


  • Another platform we have is the regular participation on Pink Panther, an educational programme about animals on a local TV station. The club has been featuring on this programme for the past 4 years.  To add to this we have also lately taken part in four programmes being featured on  TVM “Vitalita” a programme featuring NGOs and their voluntary work in the community.
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